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Galaxy active watch battery drain during night time.

My active watch has been draining most to all of its battery power while I sleep, yet in the day it has normal battery life.  I have turned off my Bluetooth to my phone and all auto sync/backup functionality to try and solve the problem and nothing worked(even a complete reset).  I have had success with turning off WiFi on the watch itself but not sure if it was just a once off thing.  If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. 


Re: Galaxy active watch battery drain during night time.

I've been seeing the same thing pretty reliably in the last two weeks. I have no idea what is doing it - I have to assume it is software rather than hardware since if it were hardware it wouldn't happen only at night... So some app or widget has to be doing the drain at a scheduled time. What it is, I don't know since I removed the weather app and even the news app so I can't think of anything that has a timed refresh still running on the watch.