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Galaxy watch 3 Titanium band link pins bad

(Topic created: 07-28-2021 04:26 PM)
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I bought the galaxy watch 3 with titanium wristband recentlly. Within two weeks of daily use the area close to the clasp/inside wrist has the paint completely worn off. No, not scratched off. Worn off. In addition, the tiny pins that keep the replacement links in place will not stay seated and continually pop out and then snag on things. Considering just the wristband itself was several hundred dollars extra this is absolutely ridiculous. I was told online that there was nothing they could do so now I spend my days online posting a variation of what you are currently reading anywhere and everywhere. $500 and I am 100% completely and totally 100% UNSATISFIED with this purchase and regret buying it.  I will not make this mistake again and caution you:  BUYER BEWARE
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Galaxy Watch
I noticed that it can take some wiggling the links for the pin to go back in to where you feel it click into place. Pins that I failed to push in all the way would work open over the next day or so until I got them all clicked in.

I'm afraid I can't speak to the paint or finish wearing off. Yikes.