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Galaxy watch 4 classic poor bluetooth performance.

(Topic created: 10-13-2021 10:05 AM)
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One of the biggest reasons I upgraded from the 3 to the 4 was because the 3 had poor Bluetooth performance.  It was intermittent and choppy and I noticed it had to do with how far it was away from my ear.  When my arm was on the backswing, that's when it would get choppy.  If I held the watch near my ear it was fine.  

The 4 performed a lot better but I would loose 40% of my charge on a 1-hour walk.  I complained about it on this forum.  I installed the latest update yesterday, went on a walk, and now my sound quality is choppy !  However, I noticed battery power was improved.  I'm pretty sure they  sacrificed Bluetooth quality for battery performance. 

I am fed up with messing around with Samsung products.  Their phone has been top notch, but I find the accessories lacking.  I paid top dollar for these watches and I feel like I have been had by a snake-oil salesman, TWICE!  I don't want to mess with it or figure out what the cause could be, I JUST WANT THEM TO WORK!!!

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40% for an hour seems high especially if only using GPS and no music.  I typically walk/run for roughly 90 minutes and my Classic 4 for the 3 days I checked it was 39 - 43% for GPS and music.  With no music running I was usually 26 - 33%.  My go to earbuds are the Jaybird Vista's using Spotify downloaded playlist to the watch I have zero dropouts or choppy sound.  Recently bought the Google Pixel A buds and really like the weight and style but absolutely terrible bluetooth.  Constant cutouts playing music.  Got so bad the other day I planned ahead and brought the Vista's with me when I exercised.  But totally agree with you regarding the Bluetooth on the phone using battery.