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Galaxy watch 4 doesnt have smart alarm?

(Topic created: 09-15-2021 06:25 PM)
Galaxy Watch

Very disappointed to find that the galaxy watch 4 doesn't have smart alarm? Am I just missing it?

I upgraded to this from a fitbit versa 2, literally one of the most basic watches you can get. It had a feature called smart alarm that would sense when I am in lightest stage of sleep and wake me if that happens between when I set the alarm for and 30mins before. 

Hard to believe a THREE HUNDRED dollar watch can't do that when a fitness tracker half its price can. 

If anyone has had any success finding/using this feature if maybe I am just missing it, please let me know. Because I am getting more and more disappointed with this purchase by the minute. 

I've seen the workaround with sleep as android but it eats the battery too quick. 

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