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Galaxy watch disconnects from phone after a few minutes and dosen't connect again

(Topic created: 05-25-2021 03:38 AM)
Pedro Pontes
Galaxy Watch

Good morning.

I have a Galaxy Watch (Serial No R5AM20ASS4K) for a few years now. Originally I connected it to  my Blackview BV8000 PRO smartphone and for a long time not many problems (except the occasional disconnection solved by a power off power on from both watch and phone). Because a phone malfunction I changed to a Blackview BV6300 PRO. I made the installation of everything on the phone and paired it as new phone, because I wasn't able to paired it the way I did it the first time. After a few attempts I managed to connect it to my phone. After a few minutes it disconnects and if I try to reconnect it just stay trying to connect. I try to solve it by my own, reset everything, both watch (reboot, losing my settings, witch I can get back from backup... I hope), and phone, reset of all Apps. Things went more or less smooth and after a few minutes the watch did the same. I start investigating same problems by other people and tried some of their solutions (ex. disconnecting wi-fi for installation, resetting watch in the phones Bluetooth, deleting cache from apps, etc). Various attempts same result! Please help me, I love my watch, but it only really works tethered to my phone. 

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