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Re: Galaxy watch heart rate sensor


I have factory reset both my phone and the watch s4.  When I use the heart rate or to the stress sensor it now tells me that it couldn't read the information.  Also the other day I had 25000 35000 and 34000 steps it was like I started the workout program and I hadn't walke but 1200 steps according to my phone.  What steps can I take that I have not already done.  I held lower button on watch for  a few seconds till it rebooted.  I turn watch off every day and back on.  I deleted and reinstalled galaxy wathc softwaree on phone.  THis watch is practically useless .  except for the time and email.  I need to have this fixed.


Re: Galaxy watch heart rate sensor


Who marked this as a solution?


I've done everything on described in this thread and my watch is still no more than a $400 paper weight. This is my 3rd Samsung product and my last. I should have listened when the TMobile guy told me to put my money on Apple.



Samsung customer service is not helping either. They told me they where working on a solution, but that was months ago!


I'm selling this junk on eBay and switch back to trusty Apple.


I am utterly annoyed.



What steps I have done so far?

1. Reset to factory.

2. Reinstalled on phone all Samsung applications.

3. Deactivated auto tracking for all exercises.

4. Problem still persist.


What are the symptoms?

1. Heart Rate "unable to measure..." message.

2. Pedometer won't count steps. Display "0" all the time.

3. Sleep tracker won't work, not even when set on "movement".

4. Stress indicator unable to measure.

5. Inactive alerts won't work


So far, those are the most notable. Don't know if something else is not working since I stopped using the watch and returned to my old Casio for the gym.