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Galaxy watch latest update

So. I've had my galaxy watch for about 10 months now and I've always loved it, great software, smooth operations, tracked my activities in Samsung health accurately, never had an issue with it.

I received the notification to update the watch and I held off a bit of time because I just didn't know how this latest update would change the formatting of the watch and how the apps would work, hoping I'd be able to find reviews or something on the latest update. I finally caved into the notification to update the watch so I did and now my Samsung health app is terrible at tracking practically anything, hasn't recorded a night of sleep since the update and won't sync properly to the Samsung health app on my phone


Re: Galaxy watch latest update

I have also had problems with this update.  I can’t get my Heart Rate Monitor to even take my heart rate.  I keep getting a message “Couldn’t measure heart rate, try again” no matter what I do.  I have tried everything from resetting, put settings on Never, Alway and Frequent. Can’t track sleep and can’t use samsung health.  All this after this latest update. Software Version R805USQ1BSE3