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Galaxy watch sensor fell off

(Topic created on: 5/18/21 7:46 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I am now on my third Galaxy 42MM watch in less than two years.  With any kind of active use - like walking or biking - the sensor on the back falls off and the watch is useless.  I have received two replacement watches - the last one last November - and each time the same problem occurs.  As soon as the weather got warm enough for me to sweat a little on my bike, the sensor fell off and the watch is dead.  I tried to get a refund after the second watch, and of course was told that was not possible.  Yesterday I went out and bought and Apple Watch and iPhone, and will never purchase another Samsung product.  The watch cost $379 and the first one only worked a few months.  The answer always is that there is water damage in a water resistant watch!  I have seen many posts here from people with the same issue, but Samsung does nothing!  I spent hours on the phone and did finally manage to get a free replacement watch each time, but I won't do that again.  Sorry Samsung - you have lost a customer for life!

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