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Gear 3 Frontier Shutdown after latest software update

Hi Samsung,

Couple of weeks back i got an update for my G3 Frontier LTE, after that G3 alerts me Spotify draining battery after i uninstall. Now watch is dead and turn on once a while for 5-10 sec. During that time tried hard resetting noting worked. Change the battery as recommended in the forum still the same. Now sure what’s happening? Called Samsung customer service and they are asking to send the device for service with credit card info so that they will charge if there any issue to hide something fishy on the update.
These people always focus on ripping of every penny from the customer.


Re: Gear 3 Frontier Shutdown after latest software update

Same issue here, I guess tha Samsung does not value their customers. Looks like they would rather make a quick buck and people over.

I have had my S3 Frontier for about 3 years and I have noticed that with every update the battery life seems to be reduced by about 10-15% each time. The last update that I loaded last week has all but killed my watch, it only last about 5 to 10 minutes with a full charge. Just after the update it would die at 88% battery, then it was at 81%.