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Gear S3 Frontier & Gear Active2

I have both a Gear S3 Frontier and just purchased a Gear Active 2 and neither one with stay with number sync. I was told by AT&T that it is a software issue that Samsung needs to correct, now I'm on the phone with Samsung and was told it's not a software issue with Samsung. I was told that my Gear S3 Frontier needed to be replaced so I purchased the Gear Active 2 thinking that would solve the issue, nope doing the same thing. Now I have wasted my money on a new device that is still not working.


Re: Gear S3 Frontier & Gear Active2

I am getting the run around as well. I am sending my active 2 to Samsung tomorrow. I have found out that Samsung is aware of the issue. But, it disappoints me that neither is taking responsibility of the "known" issue and not passing the possibility of number sync NOT working. I purchased the LTE model for this specific reason and still paying for it...

My wife was in accident and tried to get in touch with me by my main number and number sync did not work and couldn't contact me. This is unacceptable. Lucky she was not injured.