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Gear Sport Not Tracking Steps or Getting Heartrate

Since the last watch update I got on May 12th, my watch no longer counts steps or can read my heartrate.
I have already gotten in touch with Samsung Health and they were helpful but were unable to resolve my issue. They had me contact Samsung Tech support. They also were unable to resolve my issue. I was told it was likely a software issue and I would need to send my watch in for repair. I was told the repair would cost $70.31. They also suggested I upgrade to a newer version of my watch.
Though helpful and informative, I find it very odd that after getting an update to the software on watch, now my software does not work. It appears I was sent software that caused this issue and to be able to fix it I need to pay for a fix to the software. Then to be encouraged to buy a new watch. I am sure this was not done initially to get me to spend more money with Samsung. I also have a Samsung phone and tablet in addition to my watch. I would like this to continue but I would prefer you give me a better option to fix my issue or I will get a different brand of watch.
Any suggestions on how to fix?