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Gear fit 2 burn on wrist

So basically I contacted Samsung about this issue about my watch burning my wrist. They said that it's out of warranty and that I would have to pay out of pocket to get it shipped to them for their "technicians" to look at the watch. This is so upsetting this watch was so expensive and the it malfunctioning putting a permanent mark on my arm. no sympathy was shown from any of the messages that were sent to me that I have a permanent mark on my wrist. It's quite ridiculous with a company that is so big to have poor customer service and poor empathy towards the customers experiencing this issue with their product. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Gear fit 2 burn on wrist

Thank you for reaching out. I have followed up with you directly in a private message regarding the symptoms you are experiencing. Please continue to follow up with us directly in private messages so we can assist you further.

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