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Get "can't connect to bank, try again" error

(Topic created: 01-31-2024 11:54 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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I have a Galaxy Watch 6 and I have my Samsung Wallet set up on my phone ans was trying to set my card for use on my watch. When I try I get an error that says "can't connect to bank, try again". I've keep trying to the point of resetting my phone and watch but still I get the same error. I called my bank and they said it should work.


Why is this happening and how can it be fixed?

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Better connect it to Google Wallet

Galaxy Watch
Samsung Wallet has been a pain since Galaxy Watch 3. Ridiculous!
Red Giant
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S-pay is a pia to set up, but worth it. Depending on your bank, you can add your card to Samsung Pay through the bank side. Both Citi & Chase have this. I dont know about others. SP usually gives you options for adding the catds, like direct link to bank (which is the method that is failing for you) or call your bank. I think there is a 3rd option, but I forget. If the first option does not work, they should offer you a different method and should be a link to call your bank.
Just FYI Google wallet app is now also available for your watch, so you can try that.
Also, keep in mind that some banks simply don't let you add some cards to mobile wallets.