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Galaxy Watch

I know this is a constant question and complaint. But has Samsung seriously not figured out yet how to let us have Google Messages on our watches? I know, I know "We'll pass it on to our engineers!" but that's been told to us for like 3-4 years now! Maybe longer?


I keep going with the Samsung watches because the Google ones aren't up to date yet and have negative reviews. I really like having the tracking of my movement/work outs- and I know the Google fit app apparently is awful. But it drives me crazy that I can't have Google messages or better access to my gmail. Samsung can be so ahead of the curve in certain aspects but totally drop the ball on so many other things. The minute the Google watches are preforming better I feel like I'll have to make the jump because it's just bizarre this is not happening after so many complaints after so many years.


I finally found a watch app that let's me use Google Assistant; since my entire home is run on Google home(s) like my lights and cameras, so that was pretty awesome to stumble upon in the Galaxy store. I know it's 3rd party, but still. Progress.

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Galaxy Watch
what app is that