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HORRIBLE customer support



I have been having a horrible customer support (still continue to have one). Got a samsung galaxy active watch end of May. The watch was great until it was paired with Samsung Phone. I decided to pair it with my iPhone and it was acting funny, so I tried to move it back to Samsung phone. The phone was not able to pair with the watch, the iphone stopped detecting the watch. All this when the watch was a little older than 45 days. I call up samsung tech support and after a lot of troubleshooting, they wanted me to ship the watch for repair. I did so, the watch comes back works for 1 week after which the same issue. I call back and am asked to troubleshoot again, and then send it back for repair/ replacement. I send it by end of September (28th - sumsung receives it to be precise). I receive a message saying that the repair is cancelled and they are shipping back the watch. I panic and call back (what would I do with a broken watch?). I was told they will process a replacement, at this point, having paid 200$ I have not had a watch to use for the last 3 months and want a replacement. A gentle man says that my request is approved and I should get a link which will take me to a web page and that will give me options to choose either refund through check or direct deposit. I have called atleast a couple of times after this and I have no resolution. I am totally upset and frustrated. I deserve to get my money money and be compensated for the number of calls that I have made, the unnecessary stress that samsung has caused me. 


I used to be a samsung loyalist.. I have a samsung refridgerator, TV, Player, phone... This watch has made me lose confidence on samsung. I did not expect this customer service from samsung. No more Samsung!!!!