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Heart rate and Sleep Tracking issues

(Topic created: 10-07-2021 04:56 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch

Seems like after the most recent software update to my galaxy watch 4, it has not been tracking my heart rate every 10 minutes. I switch it to track continuously and it works like normal, but then switch it back and it doesnt seem to want to do anything. Manual tracking is perfectly fine and tracking while working out is perfectly fine. Just doesnt seem to want to work every 10 minutes.


While I’m using the watch to record my sleep. The watch locks on me and makes me put in my pattern when i wake up. It records my sleep, i can see my results through samsung health, but it locks on me and does not track my heart rate as well.

Has anyone else been having these issues or know of a way to fix them? Thanks

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Galaxy Watch

Having the same issue after the September update. All was fine until the update.