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Heart rate monitor

Dear Samsung, 


Please fix the heart rate monitor (HRM) on the galaxy watch.

This has been and continues to be an issue with thousands of galaxy watch users. Your watches are more expensive than most other watches on the market and I expect that all features work as advertised. My heart rate monitor (like many other users have reported) stops working intermittently... Usually when I'm _Active_! While I'm sleeping it will track my heart rate fine. I've done all of your "Work-arounds" and none work! I use my watch and am unable to send it somewhere and wait for it to be fixed. Fix the problem on new watches and send me one and then I'll send my defective watch back to you! 

Thanks... And please respond to let me know you heard my voice. 


Jeffrey L Dyer


Re: Heart rate monitor

Hi, I am also having issues with the heart monitor. After a couple of minutes of working out, it goes 'flat'. Probably because of sweat? Well, one would expect some sweating while you are active....


Please reach out to fix this or give me a solution. I've tried all the recommendations and troubleshooting.