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Heart rate ranges at night don't match the graphs

I have HR set to always on. I've looked at the overnight data in the app and in an exported spreadsheet, and I only see hourly ranges. The app also gives a graph view, showing HR throughout the hour. But the graph does not match the range. The ranges I see during the night show a low HR in the 40s for several different 60 minute intervals. This seems very low for me, so I wanted to see when it hit that low. I looked at the graph, and on the graph it never dips below 60, which seems more accurate. Where are these 40's and 50s numbers coming from? I wish there was a way to see those numbers separated out like it does throughout the day, instead of these ranges it does at night. If the watch is going to tell me I had a HR of 45, it should be able to show me exactly when that happened. If it didn't happen, it shouldn't show me that number!