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Heartrate has large gaps during exercise with Samsung Health on Galaxy Watch 3

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This is my second Watch 3. The first one had many sensors fail so it was replaced. Now I can't get a consistent Heartrate trace during exercise (walking). I've been using trackers for 5 years Garmin HR+, Gear S3 Frontier (3 different watches) and Galaxy Watch 3 (on my second one). The reliability of the heartrate sensor on the W3 is abysmal. I've done everything suggested on the Samsung support site and in the various forums. Permissions, off/on, switch to manual/back to continuous, location, etc. It seems to work for a while after I do some magical combination of the suggestions, but soon returns to its unreliable self. 

I'd like to know if there is a definitive set (series/sequence) of steps to correct this or do I need to replace this watch a third time (like I did with the Gear S3)? 

I sincerely thank you in advance for any help/suggestions.


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