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Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

I would like to advise you of my current situation with your company.  As of today’s, date 9/15/20 I can say that I am very frustrated and disappointed with the treatment of Samsung.  I am going to give you a glimpse of what I have endured during the last 2 months with your company.


My issues started in April 2020 and only proceeded to worsen from there.  In April Samsung provided a wearables app update, with this update my Samsung earbuds would not stay connected to my phone.  Causing me to manually connect them before use and they would continually disconnect during use on phone calls and such.  Pre update they would automatically connect upon removing from my charging case without disconnecting during use.  I also posted a review in the app on May 7th to advise of this issue.  From there I noticed that my battery life had shortened from about 3 days life to 1 & 1/2 day, only worsening over the next 2 months as each update shorten my battery life more, until reaching a life of 8 hours.  At this point I decided to go to Samsung Members page to voice my frustration only to find I was not the only one and many others were having the same issue.   


In July there was another update, and my hopes were that this would finally fix the issue.  I was very hesitant to update but did out of shear frustration.  After this update I was experiencing a pinching sensation where my watch was on my arm.  I thought the band was pulling the fine hair on my arm.  This was happening all day and I was just moving my watch and it would stop for a while.  Later that evening it happened again, and it really hurt.  I took off my watch and smelled burning. I looked at my watch face and I had a flashing red triangle with exclamation point advising my watch was over heated.  So, I realized that was my watch burning/shocking my skin the entire day.  My skin was red around the area of my watch.  But I really didn’t process this fully at this point, but I knew something wasn’t right.  I let my watch cool and placed it back on my arm and received those burning shocks again.


The next day July 13th I contacted Samsung to discuss that I was having this issue and was advised that because my warranty expired, I would have to pay for repair.  I advised that I was not having issues until the updates, but I was rejected.  I decided to go to Samsung Members to voice my irritation with the situation and I found many members were experiencing the same.  It was my model watch and color.  I called your company back and after speaking with a few people I was connected to a young lady who would send me a return package for my watch and they would review and advise if this was my fault or a watch issue.  She also stated that Samsung did not know of this issue.  When I asked how they could not, when I found numerous complaints in Samsung members.  She then stated because people aren’t calling.  I advised her that seemed ridiculous being that your Samsung Techs or customer service agents were responding to those members with steps to take in resolving this issue.   For which none of those steps were working because the updates ruined everyone’s watch.   


I received the return package the next day and immediately returned my watch.  I couple of weeks had gone by and I had not received any notification of receipt of my watch or what the process would be.  I had an online chat with a Tech on 8/3/20 who advised that the watch had been received but it could take a month for resolution.  In the next 2 weeks I contacted to see because I had yet to receive any notification.  I was advised by a gentleman that I would receive a replacement watch, but he was unable to provide more information as his system wouldn’t allow. I was informed to go to the website and type in my repair order number to receive update information.  On 8/19/20 I tried following this guide, but your system was unable to find my order number, so I had to call back.  After speaking with the first representative who could also not find my ticket, I was passed on to another.  Who could also not find my ticket but could advise that the order had been marked completed.  I asked how the order can be completed if I do not have my watch or a resolution.  Not to mention you cannot tell me where my watch or refund is located.  It was explained that my order was with corporate because of the issue and I would have to speak with your specialty claims department. I was then transferred to specialty claims and was advised they would send an email,  that takes up to 72 hours for a response, as this is the only line of communication they have.  No departments have access to their systems.  I am a bit thrown that a customer must go through so many steps to get resolution to an issue that was caused by the company with no line of communication whatsoever.  Nonetheless,  I did not hear from corporate and had to email the specialty claims clerk on 8/23 to ask what is happening?  I finally received a call from a Juanita on 8/25 (corporate claims) who advised I would receive a refund due to the watch and your company not having any replacements available.  I agreed and even stated that I would accept a Samsung credit so I could go online and purchase another watch.  She asked if I had a receipt and I explained to her that I did not as my husband purchased as a Christmas gift.  I did have the original box with all the numbers on it and it was purchased at Best Buy.  She stated that would be fine if needed you could track by serial number.   Information was sent 8/26.  On 8/31 I email to confirm receipt and an ETA as I had yet to hear anything.  At least a confirmation email.  On 9/3, I emailed Juanita again with no response.  On 9/4, I email Jacqueline who was the rep that connected me with Juanita well no surprise there but once again no response.  On 9/10 I decide to contact Samsung again to see if I could get some type of answers.  This is where I have totally had it with Samsung.  


On 9/10/20 I called Samsung again to get a status on my watch.  As I received the first representative, I advised that my claim number had been canceled and my claim was with cooperate, could she just patch me through to the next unit before corporate.  She would not so I asked to speak with a manager.  I advised the manager of the same information and she still wanted my claim number.  After not finding my claim because as I advised it's cancelled and with specialty claims.  The manager sent me over to technical services for which once again I explained my situation and was asked to please hold after he could not find my claim and said that it would be with specialty claims.  This gentleman placed me on hold for over an hour with no return to check on me at any point during this hour hold.  I dialed Samsung again and received another representative who again asked me to explain.  I refused as I angrily asked to be patched through to the next level.   I did provide my canceled claim number and she placed me on hold for about 15 minutes.  From there I received a gentleman who unfortunately did not get a nice person.  He was kind and assisting but as he placed me on hold, we were disconnected.  He did return my call about 3 minutes later and unfortunately had to place me on hold AGAIN while he researched.  Once he returned, he found once again that my claim is with specialty claims and would have to transfer me there.  After my transfer I spoke with a young lady who of course could not provide me with information as she would have to email corporate and have my corporate representative (Juanita) contact me.  Well I have sent Juanita a few emails with no response.  I advised the specialty claims rep Kristen of this as well.  I also asked for an email address that I could forward a complaint and was advised that there was an address on the website but it would not do any good as it would just be rerouted to the claims department.  


As of today, 9/15/20, I have not heard from Juanita or anyone else from Samsung.  The line of communication with your company is horrible and the steps that I have gone through are even worse.  This treatment is completely unacceptable. I am so disappointed in Samsung.  I have been a Samsung die hard for 15 years and I cannot believe this is how your company treats it’s customers.  Please keep in mind this is a condensed version of my experience.


My goal is to receive resolution, and hopefully prevent another from this terrible experience.


Re: Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

I finally got my reimbursement today October 10, 2020