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Horrible Quality and Customer Service

My wife bought me a Samsung Galaxy Smartwatech this past Christmas of 2018.  I have never taken the watch into any body of water (e.g., pool, lake, river, shower, etc.).  The only "water" that has ever touched this watch is the sweat off my arm because I wore it jogging every morning before work and on Saturdays.  This July (watch only 7 months old) it started overheating after I got back from a Saturday morning run.  I let it cool down and turned it off.  Then I re-charged it and put it back on and it immediately did the same thing.  I contacted Samsung customer service and they requested I ship the watch in so that they could service it.  I did so and a few days later, they came back and said the watch had water damage and refused to fix it under warranty and wanted to charge me $430 to fix it and replace the motherboard inside the watch.  As I mentioned above, this watch had NEVER touched water.  They refused to fix or replace the watch and just kept saying it was water damage.  We own many Samsung products including Samsung phones, Samsung smart TVs, Samsung tablet, etc.  I am HUGELY disappointed at Samsungs lack of customer service and quality control of their smartwatch.  For a company like Samsung and for a sports smartwatch that fails with the only water possibly ever touching it to be sweat, the right thing they should have done was to replace or fix it and show good faith and customer support.  They could not even manifest the documentation showing they had performed quality testing on the watch before shipping it out for sale (we asked for it multiple times and just kept getting the run around).  You have now alienated my family and me as Samsung customers.  Given all the products we own from Samsung and all the support we have given to the company over the years and would have continued to give, I hope it is worth this poor business decision on your part.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Horrible Quality and Customer Service

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