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Hourly chime cuts off

(Topic created: 07-12-2022 01:27 PM)
Galaxy Watch

This isn't a big issue, but it bugs me a bit, and I figured I'd say something about it.

I have a Samsung galaxy watch 3 (LTE 45mm Silver) (SM-R845U) (version carrier)

I love this watch a lot, and I believe it has a lot of very nice features and whatnot. One of my favorites is the hourly chime it plays at the top of every hour. I like this a lot because I tend to lose track of time sometimes, and the chime is a nice reminder. But I've noticed something with the chime that just bugs me when it plays. When the chime plays it will get through about half of the sound and then just cut off.

(it's like (for example) the sound file it uses for the chime is 4 seconds long, but when the sound plays it only plays the first 2 seconds, getting cut off in the middle of the chime.)

I really just enjoy hearing the chime go off (it's a nice little sound) but it disappoints me I can't hear the whole thing, and I don't get to hear it complete. 😞 

for context, I have gone through every setting relating to sound, muting, and the chime itself to no prevail. I even contacted customer support but they were no help at all, and just kept telling me to reset the watch, like I've done many times before this. It does sound like this is something all the watches just do, but I have hope that this will get fixed.

thank you in advance to anyone who helps me!


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