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How Samsung calculate the one year warranty for wearable products such as Galaxy Watch?

(Topic created: 04-15-2024 06:13 AM)
Galaxy Watch

My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on April 30, 2023 from Costco. The watch could not be powered on and stop working. The first two times the customer service told me that my case has been settled down for free repair, i.e., I was supposed to receive two emails, one is case in detail with a Ticket number, the 2nd should be a shipping pre-label. However, I've only received the 1st email with Ticket number but never received the 2nd email for shipping prelabeI.  I called Sumsung Customer Service four times, the last time I was told that the validation for purchasing showing out of warranty.

The truth is I've provided with the original purchasing receipt  from Costco with purchased date on 04/30/2023. I am wondering how the Samsung record showed as "Purchased date: 02.02.2022 Warranty Exp: 01.02.2024"? Two mistakes here, the purchase date was more than one year earlier than actual purchase, and the 2nd was it showed TWO years rather than one year warranty after purchasing if the purchased date was indeed on 02/02/2022 since the warranty Exp was 01/02/2024? 
Really bad customer service experience with Samsung!
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