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How can I quickly toggle LTE on and off?

(Topic created on: 11/29/20 12:57 PM)
Galaxy Watch

So, I have the Samsung watch through Verizon that has LTE 4G.  I bought it because I work in IT and am on call all the time.  I can't miss a call.  I was trying to find a way to go for a run and leave the phone behind.  But, when my watch disconnects from the phone, there is 30 seconds to a minute before it connects to LTE.  I could possibly miss a call during that time.  I tried yesterday to just leave LTE on all day and the watch didn't make a full day on a charge.  So, I was hoping to find a way to make a quick toggle, maybe by just swiping down from the top, or a widget I could add, that would either turn off bluetooth on my watch or enable LTE to be always on via a widget. 

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