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How to get to the swimming activity screen in 'water' mode?

(Topic created: 11-02-2021 01:23 AM)
Galaxy Watch


In Watch 4 Classic 46mm. I chose the swimming activity, and so the watch is in the water mode. And it shows the swimming activity (laps, heart rate, etc.). All is good so far, and I'm happy.

However, a notification came in (calendar reminder, a phone call received through BT while swimming close to my phone). The watch screen is now showing the main face screen. How do I now bring it back to the swimming activity screen? Swipe/click on the screen doesn't work as this is swimming mode. So is the bazel. I also would rather not spend time moving it out of water mode, go back to the screen, and get it back into water mode, especially as this might happen a few minutes later.


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