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How to remove latest update or change look

I have always done the updates for phone / watch and not really had an issue, odd little annoynaces but this latest update is annoying me. I don't mind updates but it feels like its a change for change sake. The alarm on the watch which used to show a yellow or red option for dismiss / stop alarm has been replaced by an all purple-type colour which is dam annoying. For one, having the two options the same colour is not too clever when staring at it bleary eyed as you have just woken up and two, why change it, what is the benefit ? would be a benefit if there was a setting to change the colours to whatever people like.


I also had this big colourful oulined heart 'thing' show up whilst walking which made it feel like a kids toy watch. Maybe its a guy 'thing' but wasn't overly impressed just glad that it wasn't followed by a unicorn appearing.


Yeah not impressed with the latest updated. If there is a way of rolling back then great.