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I couldn't find any info on the notification indicator, so I figured it out and made a video on it

My Video on The Notification Indicator 


I was having a weird bug (or so I thought) on the Notification Indicator for the Samsung watch. Long story short, the notification indicator wasn't always showing up, even when I wasn't reading or "acknowledging" the notification on my watch.


I made a post about it over on reddit, but didn't receive any responses. At first I thought it was a watchface issue and was trying stock watch faces to try and narrow it down.


I was reading some posts online about the notification indicator, but no one seemed to be asking about this. Since I'm stuck inside because of this COVID-19 thing, I've had a lot of time to troubleshoot.


The TL : DW - If your notification indicator disappears or isn't showing up, turn off auto - read content in advanced settings for notifications.


I wish Samsung could improve on this feature to make it where if you don't interact with the notification, the indicator doesn't go away. Kind of like how it works on Always on Display.

Hope this helps some people.