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I feel like it is basically false advertising to market this as a fitness watch

The fact that this is marketed as a fitness watch is RIDICULOUS. Despite resetting this thing multiple times, it does not track heart rate during workouts. Furthermore, even when it does, the calories burned are ridiculously low. I have compared this thing directly with a fitbit ionic and an apple watch series 4 and just genuinely don't understand samsungs algorithm for calories burned. They are clearly not using heart rate and seem to only barely be using steps or something. I hiked a 12,000 foot mountain on a trail rated as advanced with the galaxy watch on one wrist and an apple watch on the other. Samsung ended up saying my daily calories burned were 1,400 while apple watch said 2,700. I repeated the test the following day with the same hike and activity level but compared the samsung to the fitbit ionic, the samsung said I burned 1,500 calories for the day and fitbit said 2,800. As i am writing this, i have been on a walk for over 45 minutes and it has not caught my heart rate at all the entire time, despite me switching it from wrist to wrist, restarting the work out and alternating its position on my wrist. Samsung should not be allowed to market this as a fitness watch in any way shape or form. If you care at all about fitness, dont buy this. I honestly want my money back because after encountering these issues with my watch, I went looking and discovered years worth of samsung users complaining about these issues and yet they have never been acknowledged or resolved.

Re: I feel like it is basically false advertising to market this as a fitness watch

I'm having calorie burn issues with my galaxy watch also. It seems that my galaxy watch does not accurately calculate calories. We all know that the calorie burn calculated via the watch is just an estimate however it seems that the Samsung watch either grossly underestimates or grossly over estimates calories burned. I'm a very active individual and I work out intensely on a daily basis. I'm 5'9, 200lbs. I did an elliptical workout at 5 mph, on resistance level 12, for 30 minutes with an average heart rate of 160 during the excercise and barely burned 300 calories. The machine calculated that I burned over 600 calories and my Fitbit used to calculate a little over 500 calories when I worked out at the same intensity. When I use the stair climber, on level 12, for 30 minutes averaging the same heart rate, I barely burn 200 calories. We all know the stair climber is a very intense workout. However, if I sit in the sauna and do some light workouts for 30 minutes, averaging a heart rate of 120, I burn almost the same amount of calories as my intense stairclimber workout. It seems like the watch is not accurately incorporating the intensity of the workout via heart rate zones. This should be a simple fix, however this has been on going for years now and it seems that Samsung doesn't care to fix it. I like my galaxy watch but it's unreliable when it comes to accurately estimating the calorie burn of workouts which is important to me.