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I'm going to be as KIND as I can about this...

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In June, my wife and I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active on June 10, 2021.  It was $226.  Not exactly the high end model, but whatever.  My wife loved the watch.  



She loved it so much, in fact, she refused to take showers with it.  She refused to wash her hands with it in.  She actually made it a point to ask me why I wore my Apple Watch in the shower or washed my hands with it on.  I explained that the watch is water resistant and holds up pretty well.  I've had an Apple Watch AND a Galaxy Watch in the past, neither of which I had ANY problem with water...EVER.  Mind you, I wasn't much of a swimmer when I had my galaxy watch but I did leave it on every time I took a shower or washed my hands.

In September, the watch decided that it didn't want to turn on anymore.  My wife did nothing exceptional to the watch.  As I stated earlier, she never got the watch wet.  Ever.  She REFUSED to.  I actually tried to CONVINCE her "hey, it's OK to use your watch in the shower."  Nope.

So we sent the watch in for repairs.  I just assumed it was faulty hardware or maybe the software was wonky because of a program she installed.  I mean, after all, WHY WOULD THE WATCH BE WATER DAMAGED?



So I get an e-mail telling me that my watch is no longer under warranty because of conditional damage.  

Apparently we water damaged the water resistant watch.

Even though she doesn't swim, doesn't take showers with the watch on, or wash her hands with the watch on.

Repair cost for my in-warranty watch that was " water damaged" by my wife? $108.

I'm aghast that customer service couldn't help me with this.  I've literally had 5 Samsung phones (myself, not even including my wife) and a watch myself.  I've always stood by Samsung products and promoted them to people around me.  **bleep**, I loved Samsung

But this is just unacceptable business practice..  I never expected Samsung to be so shady. 

Rant over,

I don't want to contact the BBB, but honestly, I feel like I have to.  I am so flummoxed.  




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BBB is the way to go if you don't get your problem solved this issue with samsung needs to be addressed
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Samsung is actually being looked at for several Class Actions. One of those possible lawsuits looks at the advertising of their products that claims water resistance, along with water resistance claims by the company. Meanwhile, if the product suffers water damage from the activities advertised, Samsung refuses to take responsibility.
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They should have class actions against them, especially for the Watch Active 2.  It is marketed for swimming and outside activities.  My watch lost the back cover after swimming twice in 4' water.  I sealed it myself as Samsung would not repair.  The front cover lost connection  two months ago while playing a round of golf.  Somehow the display still works.  I again sealed it myself.  Samsung have an issue with there sealant / adhesive failing.  These watches should be recalled and fixed.

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I believe that it is "water damaged" from the seal being broken and the sweat from the wrist getting inside. Same thing happened to me. The back was slightly coming off before I knew about it, so of course water got inside. Samsung wants to charge me $209.98 even though it cost $219.99. I told them no and to send me the watch back. This is a shame especially because this is a defect on their part.