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I sent galaxy watch active 2 in because of a manufacturer defect and I have been waiting 3 months

I was flying somewhere when I realized that the screen on my watch started to pop out of the body of the watch. So I call up Samsung and I told the problem, they told me to mail it in for repair.  I sent it over 2 months ago and they said they said they would be sending me a new one, and that was about a month and half ago, and I still did not receive my watch. I called atleast 15 times no exaggeration, and they always say the same thing, that they are going to send the watch, but they don't know when and wount give me any other information. I tried everything I talked to the costumer service and their managers, and case management and I talked to their managers too. I talked to basically anyone and everyone the has to do with Samsung customer service, and I got nowhere. Now I'm not sure what to do next. (Also I am have the same issue with my galaxy buds, they were having connection issues so I sent them in around the same time as the watch, and I also didn't receive them either. )

UPDATE: they ended up sending me the wrong watch. I asked if they could send me my watch and then I would send back the one they sent me, but they said no. I was told that this would be a quick prossses; I would send them there watch and they would send mine. It has been almost 3 weeks and after they received the wrong watch back and they still did not up date my tickrt. Not only that Samsung said theyh to do an investigation on why they are taking so long to send me the watch. So it is going to take even longer which literally makes no sence. So it has been over 3 months and counting since I sent my watch in for repair. By the time I receive my watch it will be out dated. I didn't by the newest watch just so it can sit in repairs until a new one comes out. I think Samsung should allow me to swap it in for the new one when it comes out as a compensation for me lossing almost 4 months of haveing my watch when it still was the newest. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: I sent galaxy watch active 2 in for repairs and it has been over 2 months and I still never g...

I would be happy to assist you further. Can I please have your ticket numbers in a private message:

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