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I was wondering if anyone can help me.

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Galaxy Watch
 I bought a galaxy active 2 smart watch, and after a few weeks of using it I realized it had a weird problem, every time I would go on an airplane the screen would start to pop off, so I called Samsung and they said they would repair/replace my watch so I sent it to Samsung. About a week goes by and I didn't hear anything, so I called them and they said that the turn around time on repairs is about 1-2 weeks and to call back then, so I did and and then basically said it would be ready in few days and if you don't get you watch back by then, that I should call back to make a long story short about 20 calls later and 3 months of waiting and they finally send me a watch, but this is not where the story ends, oh no they send me the wrong one. They sent me the earlier model (the galaxy active) so I call them again and they tell me to send the order details and proof of purchase. So they can send me the correct watch. Over a month goes by and about 15 more calls later they finally send me another watch, but as you can probably already guess it was not the right one it was the still the older model and this time it was a used one, so I send it back and they said they were send out another watch. I wait a couple more weeks and I finally get the correct model, it was a used watch and littered with issues both hardware and software. So I call them and they say, to send it in for repair. Another few weeks go by and I get back the watch and they not only didn't fix the problem they sent it back with more issues and miss matched watch straps. So I called a again and went over each issue over the with case management and the gave me a ticket, the problem I was caught up in on there thing and the tickets closed, so I call back to see if can reopen the ticket, they said they couldn't but they could make me a new ticket with the same information, but when I checked the ticket it has no mention of any of the issues that I mentioned in the other ticket, so I call back again to get the ticket fixed and the claim they fixed the ticket, but it still said the same thing as before. So I send in the watch for the them to repair/refund the watch, I got it back and it stills has the same issues that I clearly mentioned. So now I'm all out of ideas on what to do because calling Samsung is not really and useful option. Also, I skipped all lot of parts of the story because it was already really long. But I spoke to 2 Samsung mangers ( which I was told they where highest representatives) and they gave me there person contact and that went nowhere. They also made me call back every 2 days. And skipped the fact that I got about 30+ ticket, 100+ hours on the phone with them, and 9+ months and still nothing happened. If you took your time to read this thank you. And I hope someone can help me.
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Galaxy Watch
I was going to purchase a watch but after reading this knowing if I had a problem I would recieve no help whatsoever from them I will save my money maybe Apple we will see. thank you for saving me from this. and I hope you get your problems solved although it doesn't seem so 😥