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I would like a "Sent from my Galaxy Watch" option in messaging.

(Topic created on: 3/18/21 3:30 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I don't know if this is ever come up, but I would like a customizable "Sent from my Galaxy Watch" option in messaging. 

The reason I think it's necessary is because I have number share with Verizon.  When text are sent through the watch when the phone is disconnected, the message is sent from the watch's number and the receiver sees the phone number of the watch, not the parent phone.  This is confusing to people.

I spent hours on the phone with verizon, and there is no workaround solution to this.  I wish it could be more seamless but its not.  

If I could customize a "Sent from my Galaxy Watch" that was attached to every text, it would alert people to who I am and cause less confusion.  

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