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Inaccurate step count

LOVE the new Galaxy Watch Active 2, BUT the step count is rediculously inaccurate. I used with FitBit one day, and then with an Apple Watch on the next day to be sure.  The Fitbit and Apple were within a reasonable difference than each other, given each uses different software, etc to calculate- (Fitbit 8820 steps  & Apple Watch 8991 steps)   and the Galaxy logged 3187. Seriously?!  I'm trying to find another third party step counter app (rather than Samsung Health)  that will work with the watch to see if that makes a difference BEFORE the return period runs out on the watch. Reviews from practically everywhere mention same issue.  This is my first Samsung Watch, and may very well be my last if I can't get an accurate step count... especially for $300.  Anybody been able to find a solution, like another pedometer app that is more accurate?  😩

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Inaccurate step count

What I kind of noticed with my Galaxy Watch Active 2 is that it doesn't really count less than approx. 15 steps consecutively. I think it's to prevent counting unneccessary hand motions or other motions that aren't steps. When I was using Fitbit before it would count each and every movement (steps and hand motions, etc.) So, for me, I felt Fitbit overcounted steps. I also felt Fitbit over calculated the calories burned but that's a different issue. Anyway, I do hope you find a solution. I'm really happy with my GWA2.