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Interface overlay issue

(Topic created: 10-04-2021 02:57 AM)
Galaxy Watch


     I don't know if it's intended or a bug. Bought the watch (Watch4 Classic) a couple of days ago. It's paired with an Xperia  1II. I'm using very often for workouts reminders Google's Clock app. So I installed the same app on the watch to control the alarm when it goes off (snooze or dismiss). But I can't snooze on your watch. Because it gets overlayed by Samsung's custom interface that is on top of WareOS. 

Behavior: The alarm goes off. For one second the watch displays the correct interface (Google clock app) with dismiss and snooze buttons, and it gets overlayed by the standard Tizen notification interface that forces me to dismiss only (because there is no snooze button), the other option is 'open on phone'. This is very annoying.

Expected Behavior: Apps should not get overlayed by Samsung's custom interface. I should see Google's Clock app interface instead.


I hope it gets sorted out. Because I'm seriously thinking to return it. Goole assistant is not present, this is clearly intended to force use, Bixby. But I said ok, maybe in the future will be added, even if it's not a certitude. Now other google apps have issues. Google integration was the main purchase reason.

Thank you for understanding and hope to get an answer soon.

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