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Interval Training is Possible on the Galaxy Watch Active 2!

(Topic created: 07-07-2021 08:58 AM)
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Interval Training is entirely possible on the Galaxy Watch Active 2!

From Samsung Health in the "Fitness" section there's a fitness program called "Run 10K". Here's what the training schedule looks like: 

Screenshot_20210707-095844_Samsung Health.jpg

Clicking into different workouts within the schedule you'll notice there are multiple pre-programmed Interval workouts! Here are two examples:

Screenshot_20210707-095819_Samsung Health.jpg

Screenshot_20210707-095906_Samsung Health.jpg

Each one is customized for different paces, different repetitions, and include warm ups and cool downs.  Literally everything we need to run intervals.

The only problem is Samsung isn't giving us the option to adjust any of the variables. The functionality is entirely there. Samsung let whomever made the "Run 10k" program adjust those variables. We just need Samsung to release an update that lets individual users have access to these workouts.

You can kind of do this a little bit with Running Coach, but you can't actually program interval times, and repetitions there. You can just use what they've already included, which isn't much.

What you can do: Let Samsung know you need this feature added. Reach Samsung directly at 855-795-0509. Press 4 and you'll be connected directly with a CSR


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Although that is awesome you found that but I mean fitbits basic Interval Training that allows you to set the work time and rest with vibrations each time you hit that point.

I was disappointed I couldn't find that feature. Only reason I like Fitbit is there great app and workout features. But i love my active to for its smart watch features and better accuracy.

I dont trust them very much anymore with selling things with  promises then not applying them then completely abandoning previous watches even those rescently put out.


I feel like people should get there money back and so they can "move forward with Google"

Funny Google bought Fitbit too