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Issues uploading accurate time/distance to Strava - Galaxy Active 2

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 11:25 AM)
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I am attempting to upload my workouts recorded by my Active 2 watch on the Samsung Health app to Strava. After the workouts, the distance/time recorded by the Samsung Health app seem correct and accurate. However, when I upload these to Strava, the distrance and time always seem to be reduced. I have tried uploading directly from the Samsung Health app (by connecting the account to Strava inside the app), by exporting and uploading the .gpx file manually, and using a 3-rd party app (Fitness Syncer). All of these methods result in the same thing - an inaccurate workout uploaded to Strava.


Any suggestions? I've seen this issue pop up in a few other threads on this website and others, but can't seem to fund a definitive solution. Some answers suggest using a 3rd-party app, but as mentioned above, that doesn't seem to be workign for me.

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