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Just woke up to my Galaxy Watch 3 burning my arm.

I wore my new galaxy watch 3 (that I've had under a week) while I slept to use the sleep tracker and woke up to my arm burning so bad I could smell it. The watch was powered off or just completely overheated to the point it was not usable. I immediately struggled to remove the watch and it was so hot that it burned my hand while trying to take it off. I held it in front of my fan on it highest setting and it took over 30 minutes to even start to cool down. If I smell my arm right now (about an hour after waking up to the burning) it smells like burning metal and seriously hurts, like when you touch the side of the oven on accident while removing your food.15982387754115872545877294837637.jpg

Here's a link to more photos that I couldn't upload here: 


*UPDATE: Pics from the next day*: 


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Just woke up to my Galaxy Watch 3 burning my arm.

Hey there!

I would be happy to look into your concerns.

Can you please send me a private message with the below information here at this link:

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