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Latest update killing battery life

(Topic created: 06-22-2021 10:12 AM)
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The latest update has killed the galaxy watch battery life. Prior to the update the battery would last nearly 2 days. Now it won't even last half a day in power saving mode.  Nothing has changed (usage, apps, etc...) on the watch except for the update.

I've seen the recommended troubleshooting steps and they don't help. It would be really helpful if we could rollback faulty updates.

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Same has happened to my Galaxy3.  It updated Tue night and from that point it has killed my battery life. It went only 5hours.  
I did manage to work out by going through my wearables app on my phone that - the settings app had used 53% of that battery draw, so I force stopped Settings - that has increased my life to almost a day. 
Overnight again I've also noticed that now it is automatically turning on the WiFi on my phone - I've read this might be linked to the weather app.  
However, overall - battery life is still buggered.  Since 7:30 am this morning until now 10:21 --- it has gone from 100% to 51%.
Really peeved about the latest update and I would love for this post to get some developer / Samsung attention for resolution. 
Also I would love for any live chat option on samsung website or any of their phone numbers to work. Can't get those to work either. 
Is there any help out there at all !!!
Otherwise I expect I'll probably just try a factory reset and reject any software updates. 

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@userD2Rt3kVgxF  Just doing the Factory Reset usually brings things back to normal after a software update.

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Same here...my heart rate monitor stopped working as well. I thought my battery had gone bad so I just had it changed out. Now it is still drains like crazy! 


I have reset this watch many times in the last 24 hours, and no dice. And for to "repair" it they want almost $120!