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Looking for an oximeter or SPO2 other than SHealth

Hello I am looking for an oximeter or SPO2 monitor for the Galaxy Active 2 watch. S Health does not have it. I have checked on my phone and watch done the stress monitor. I really need one. I'm so mad at Samsung because they took it off the S Health app!!! This was the whole reason for me buying the watch. I am on oxygen, and can be off of it, but I need something to check my oxygen levels. And all these watch face and health stuff doesn't show any oxygen levels. Does anyone know of one in the Galaxy store??


Re: Looking for an oximeter or SPO2 other than SHealth

It does not exist on the watch. There are no apps because the watch lacks the hardware to perform O2 saturation measurements. You can only measure pulse ox on a Samsung phone equipped with it. Or, move to a different device that does offer it.