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Loopback failure 2x

I bought my Galaxy Watch Active2 back in Nov. '19 & within 2 months my mic wasn't working, couldn't talk on the phone, couldn't send voice messages, Bixby wouldn't respond to me. So I eventually called Samsung about it & after answering several irrelevant questions & going through procedures I'd already done prior to calling they finally set up an appointment for me to send the watch back for it get looked at & potentially fixed. So I finally sent it back a few days later & I got an email saying the problem was resolved & that it was a 'loopback failure' & that my watch was being shipped back to me. So I get it back a few days later & try out the microphone & everything is fixed, back to normal..okay cool. Well here we are today & the same problem has occurred ONCE AGAIN smh so I guess I'll have to do this all over again. Makes no sense spending $300 on a SMART watch if the thing can't even keep its microphone working smh Samsung y'all gotta do better.

Product Expert

Re: Loopback failure 2x

Hi how are you Samsung_0JGNV1z,

I’m sorry for your experience I totally understand your frustration, I have an active watch myself and love it. If any key features were not functioning properly I would be upset also.

If you are exercising or are in area with a lot of moisture make sure you use the water lock feature on the device. Without using this you can cause unnoticed damage to the internals of the device, such as the internal microphone.

If you received your same device back and this was the initial issue it is likely to occur again. If you are within your warranty time frame I suggest asking for a replace device.