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Manual trigger heart rate analysis

(Topic created: 03-28-2022 08:46 AM)
Galaxy Watch

One of the most frustrating features about the Galaxy Watch is that the heart rate monitor doesn't reset fast enough to capture the up and down change in heart rate, especially when working out. When I'm exercising my heart rate goes up as expected but when I'm resting between sets the watch still shows the elevated heart rate which is completely wrong. It's sometimes takes a few minutes or taking off the watch to retrigger the heart rate monitor just starting new sensor sweep.

My feature suggestion would be to have the ability to manually trigger a new heart rate analysis from scratch. This manual trigger should be available anytime you go into the heart rate censor screen.

Also, there are times I completely remove the watch from my wrist and as soon as I put it back on it shows the exact same elevated heart rate from when I was working out almost 5 minutes ago and it's completely wrong. The algorithm that controls heart rate monitoring fails on such an epic level that it makes the Galaxy Watch completely terrible as a fitness tracker. A simple "reanalyze" software button could rectify this terrible inaccuracy. 

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch
Mine I looked over and had to turn off the continously heart rate monitoring. It's annoying to me 🤣. But odd that yours doesn't work as it seems it should. And you can manually check if you set it to that setting. 🤷🏻‍:female_sign: