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Misleading website and terrible customer service

(Topic created: 10-19-2021 09:17 PM)
Galaxy Watch
Ordered a galaxy watch classic 4 on September 30th. Shipping was due October 12th. On October 6th get an email saying your order is on time for November 4th!! Been on phone with customer service over 5 hours on multiple days with multiple escalations. Get told by one agent they gave the watch and are expediting the shipment and to wait 72 hours. 72 hours later no communication and get told by another agent there are stock issues. Had I ordered it from Amazon or best buy I would have had it already. Buds and free smart tag got sent on the 10th. When I ask them to cancel the order they tell me it's to late but can't provide me with shipping details. Worst part is the website if I order today says expected delivery Oct 28th but the watch ordered on September 30th is scheduled for November 4th?! My money is now with samsung for over a month and a half until I get the package and they process the return. Worst experience ever. 
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