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Music Controls on Bluetooth Headphones Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Hi All,

I am having a minor issue I was hoping to solve.   Like many people, I download music onto my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 to use while jogging without my phone.   In my case, I am using a Tidal premium subscription and AfterShokz Trekz Air bluetooth headphones.   The music streaming works well.   However, the music controls (play/pause and next track) from the bluetooth headphones is not working (volume control from the bluetooth headphones works fine).


I think this is a Tizen issue as I have done the following:


1) Paired a different set of bluetooth headphones and they have the same problem.


2) Downloaded a different music application (Spotify).   Interestingly, the next track function works on Spotify and the default music player.   However, the play/pause (the more important function to me)  does not work on any of the music players installed on the watch.


3) When I pair the same Aftershokz headphones to my Android, the play/pause function works fine on Tidal.  I realize this is a completely different app/platform but thought it was worth mentioning since it proves these headphones are capable of play/pause over bluetooth.


Any insight/suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Music Controls on Bluetooth Headphones Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Same issue here when using Spotify on my Active 2 watch.  Next track is the only functional button. Volume and play/pause functions don't work.  My only insight is this could be a Spotify (and Tidal) app issue - when I use the Samsung music player on my watch, all the headphone buttons are functional. Very frustrating