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My galaxy active watch saved me from having my phone accidentally stolen! :)

Fun story for everyone and an unintended benefit of having a smartwatch:


I was at an all-day conference yesterday for my work. It was one of those annual conferences you go to in order to maintain my certifications and as usual, you are crammed in a room with a bunch of people you have not met before. I ended up sitting next to a little older gentleman (guessing early to mid 60's) throughout the day and made a little bit of small talk with him, but didn't really pay that close of attention to him.


Anyway, at the end of the day everyone was supposed to fill out a course evaluation form so I was busy starting to fill mine out and I had to adjust my attention and chair to let some other people pass behind me. As I went back to filling out my evaluation sheet, maybe 30 seconds or so later my galaxy active watch buzzed a couple of times. I only have my watch set to vibrate if I either get a call or a text. I glanced at my watch to see which of the two notifications were coming through and saw that it said phone disconnected. At that point, I reached for my phone (Note 9) which was sitting on the table right next to me and realized it was no longer there!


At this point began a mad panic as I searched all of my pockets and the adjacent floor area looking for my phone. The gears in my head kicked in and I realized since the phone disconnected that it went out of range. My first thought was to go chase down and try to find the gentleman who was sitting next to me. I raced out of the room and tried to remember what his face looked like and was able to find him as he was on his way out of the building. Upon finding him I asked him if he had by any chance mistakingly grabbed my phone and upon checking his pockets realized that he had. The poor guy about fell over when he realized what he had done - I don't believe he did it intentionally. 


Anyway, who knows how long it would have taken me to realize my phone had gone missing? I had no idea what the guys name was or which company he worked for so it would likely have been impossible for me to track my phone down if he had left - and with my passcode on my phone I don't know if he would have been able to track me down either.


I have only had the watch about 3 months now and at times get frustrated with it because charging it daily is a little bit of a pain and I sometimes accidentally long touch the display if I cross my arms and it wants to change watch faces or something. After yesterday though, I don't think I'll be going back to a "dumb" watch - this thing saved me lots of money and headache!

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Re: My galaxy active watch saved me from having my phone accidentally stolen! :)

That's awesome! I too, will now be aware of this while wearing my Galaxy Active2. Thank you so much for sharing your story!