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New Watch - Old Face???

(Topic created: 09-04-2021 06:16 AM)
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I've just received my new Watch 4 Classic 46mm, which is great.

The only issues I have so far are:

1) It comes with a 20mm wide strap/bracelet connection. I'm well annoyed as I watched loads of youtube reviews and they all said the Classic was 22mm - like the Watch 3 - its not. The other watch 4 (44mm version) comes with a 20mm.

2) and more importantly is I really like a "standard" supplied watch face from the Watch 3. It's called the "DGT Black MOD6 Monochrome" and contains loads of information when exercising.  I can't find it on the watch 4 list of supplied apps. I can't find any info on its supplier - which I guess is Samsung. Does anyone know how I can download this watch 3 face to my watch 4?



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Cosmic Ray
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I have found that all but maybe 2 or 3 watch faces that I had for my Active2 are not supported on the Watch4.  I did find a few that I liked in the Google store, and you have to install them through your watch, not your phone.  It is a pain and there are not that many but hopefully the longer the watch is out to the public, the more watch faces get made and supplied for download.

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