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No choice for warranty help

So I bought a Galaxy watch 42mm in South Korea last fall while on deployment with the Canadian Navy.  The watch is little better than a brick at this point. I tried to get a warranty repair started on it but since I bought it in Korea I can't. Samsung canada wont touch it, and I obviously cant bring it to a store in Korea. 


Currently its issues are:

-It wont track steps.

-The heart rate monitor won't work unless its set to always track my heart rate, and it will not track the HR during any excersice no matter what. 

- The GPS has had many issues with various updates, but currently it wont track my location for any excersices. 

- The watch often disconnects and wont re-connect until I restart either my phone or my watch (this may be an issue because I have a Huawei phone and the software doesn't play nice, but with how terrible my watch has been I'm betting its a issue with the watch/samsungs software)

- The wake up gesture stoped working as so many others have experienced.


I've tried every solution I've found on these forums including:

-Reseting/restoring the watch multiple times, as well as a hard reset.

-Uninstalling the Galaxy wear app and plugins.

-All auto detect workouts are set to off

-Theater mode and night mode are off, wakeup gesture is on, all three have been cycled on and off multiple times.


Any one else have any other suggestions before I toss it in the trash and call it an expensive lesson in how terrible Samsung's quality and customer service are?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: No choice for warranty help

Hey there!

Thank you so much for reaching out for assistance.

Can you send us a private message with the below information here at this link:

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Model Number:

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Re: No choice for warranty help

As expected the Samsung rep can't help because I purchased a watch while I was overseas thinking that samsung products are samsung products so they would honor their warranty.


Clearly thats not the case, unless anyone here has an more ideas.