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No missed call notifications on Galaxy Watch 5 with remote connection

(Topic created: 09-29-2022 02:39 AM)
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Galaxy Watch 5 LTE and Huawei Mate 9. I've been pulling my hair off to resolve this simple matter
With Bluetooth connection everything works properly (messages and calls received on mobile are routed to the watch)

What I really want is to receive notifications of a call, or at least missed call, when phone and watch are NOT connected via bluetooth and watch connects via LTE.
In Settings > Advanced Features I have enabled Remote Connection and or all MESSAGE notifications (WhatApp, SMS, E-mails) are properly received on the watch.

However, CALLS and missed calls notifications are never received.

Interestingly when I turn Bluetooth off on the watch to simulate them being apart, for a breif moment after bluetooth is off (I get the beep that watch disconnected)), everything works.
Watch displays incoming call (if I try to answer it directs me to look on phone) and later i recieve the notification of a missed call. This is exactly what I want.
But, as soon as Wearable app indicates remote connection has been established ...adios notifications. Watch reamins mute on every subsequent call.
One more thing, If I open a Phone app on the watch I see missed calls there. so watch is geetting this info from mobile. I just doeasn't alert me properly.
Why is it such a problem, bearing in mind that it really works in some circumstances, that i get the notificstion of a missed call in the same manner as I get the notification of any other message.

Please help!

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Galaxy Watch

Was thinking this might be because of a non-Samsung mobile. Have tried it on Samsung s9 and the same thing happens.

No call alerts or missed call notifications when connected remotely on the LTE version.

What is interesting is that the BT version of the watch has the additional option for receiving calls in the Remote Connection menu, while this is completely lacking on LTE capable watch. This means that people who bought more expensive version with more connectivity options are in fact handicapped. What is the logic behind it? It's plain stupid and unfair.

People with LTE versions question to you. Do you receive calls or call notifications when connected remotely to your phone (no BT connection)?