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No noticification vebrations or sound

Out of the box, text messages and email (Outlook) vibrated.  

Within a week, they do not. App has updated in this time period.

Some User Error corrected: turned off settings that had been activated such as "Do Not Disturb," and "Theater Mode."  

Regained functionality of some notifications like Phone Calls, and Daily Briefing, as well as Wake Up Gesture .


But still no vibrations for messages or email. (Far more crucial than Daily Briefing!)

Can still see the notifications if you look for them, but this is not adequate.


Suggestions eagerly awaited.



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: No noticification vebrations or sound

Have you gone into your settings menu for the messages and email applications to make sure nothing in there is enabled that would cause strangeness?

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