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Not receiving trade-in credit

I've seen others on here who, when returning a watch, or phone, or tablet, etc., <edit> not receiving the full price credit. I want to apologize to each of you who have had this happen because I assumed you hadn't met the requirements, but now I suspect you had but Samsung simply didn't want to give you $$ credit now that you had the new equipment. 

I bought the new Galaxy Watch as part of the deal Samsung was offering was $200 off if i shipped them my Frontier. It had to be in working condition, not blacklisted, no cracks, and all passwords etc., had to be removed. Factory reset as well. I did it all. I received an email last week that I would not get the $200 credit as my phone was not set to factory reset. I know 100% it was. I spoke with a Samsung rep who said he would get it taken care of. I just received an email that I'm still not getting the $200 credit.
<edit> I already have the new watch. 
I'm a long time Samsung buyer, but now I'm a disgruntled Samsung buyer.

Re: Not receiving trade-in credit

i called them yesterday and told them i was returning my new watch galaxy 3. i also did all of the required resets and was told i didnt meet the requirements.