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Notification access removed when switching watches

What is the proper procedure, for changing from one Samsung watch, to another and not receiving the notification to turn on notification access for the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app?



I have Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear Sport, Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch Active.

I wear the Active or Fit2 Pro to bed for sleep tracking and the Sport to work the next day. The S3 is worn on non-work days.


When the Fit2 Pro was connected, the Galaxy Wearable app change to an older version than when the other watches were connected. I bought the Active so that the modern version of the app would be in use with the Active, hoping that the notification access would not be removed.



I have AUTO SWITCH turned on, in the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.



If I switch, either way, between the Gear Sport and the Gear S3, I do not receive the notification.


If I switch either way, between the Gear Sport and the Fit2 Pro or Galaxy Watch Active, my phone receives the notification that turning on access to notifications is needed for the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.



How can I prevent having to do this, in the morning and at night?Screenshot_20191010-044356_Nova Launcher.jpgScreenshot_20191010-044404_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20191010-044707_Gear S PlugIn.jpg